BazaWood and me …

 A few years ago, me and a bunch of friends finally lived to see a dream skatepark in our hometown. We did not hesitate. We gathered our peers and created a club. As true enthusiasts we planned to do a lot of great things. One of those were presents for members of the club, that would make them feel like they were a part of it. We certainly did not want to buy anything, because we did not have enough resources. So, we decided to create something. And from what? From the one thing we had plenty of – broken skateboards. A few days later I received a picture of a person making ring out of a broken skateboard. I got so captivated by the idea, that I locked myself up in my garage and tried to create one. After a few failures I succeeded, and the demand was surprising.
  A breakthrough came with a phone call from Luděk, who asked If I could use broken skateboards to create buckles for his handmade straps. At first, I thought It was a joke, but it was this idea that started the whole project.


 The project was then halted because of personal events and a bit of luck. After several years of being locked up in a multinational company, I quit my job and started surfing. I spent two years between Spain and Sri Lanka, made myself a license and became a surf instructor. “He who can, does, he who cannot, teaches,” as a classic would say. My workshop was far away, and my life took a different direction. However, two years were more than enough, and I did not want to return to the office after I come back. So, I decided to continue working in my workshop. Now my cooperation with Luděk continues, I devise new products and fight the obstacles. I still believe that my products can bring joy to many of you. Not all products are made from an anonymous wood. It can be a broken skateboard, that reminds you of your first trick or an interesting piece of wood, that you brought home from an exotic vacation. It is these products, that have a story and It is these products I love to put my signature on!